Recent writings

I'm keeping a blog here about whatever is on my mind. Mostly Frontend Architecture related, but I will not be limited by that if I want to write about other stuff

A Frontend Monorepo for the Rabobank?

[This is a repost from an article I wrote on] With the advent of Senses 2.0, the plan is to have all code related to this new Frontend platform (the platform code itself, the applications running on it, all features and pages and a...
Jouke Visser

"The Migration To Ionic"…well…

[This is a repost from an article I wrote on]A little more than a year ago, Rabobank’s Frontend Platform team “Darwin” did a stunning demo of a proof of concept. They showed our existing retail banking application, running our Senses 1...
Jouke Visser

About “Developing Senses”

[This is a repost from an article I wrote on]Back in July 2014, the Rabobank started to develop a new Frontend platform based on AngularJS. Both the platform as well as the visual style that was accompanying it at the time was called ‘S...
Jouke Visser


About me

With more than 25 years of experience in Software Development, working in companies of all sizes and stages of maturity, as well as different industries, I have a unique perspective on how to achieve great results in software development. I quickly assess situations, identify areas for improvement and get on it!

While most of my career I have been a Software Developer (or 'Engineer' if you like) myself, I've taken on other roles like Team Manager, Architect and most recently Engineering Director. I still code (for fun and profit), just not as much as I used to.

I have been programming Perl for more than 15 years before I decided to dive more into Frontend and all things JavaScript (TypeScript, NodeJS, Angular, etc). For the last 8 years, this has been my language of choice. However, in situations where I don't have to do the coding myself, I do not care about the exact tech stack that much - as long as it does the job.

Livery stable

Together with my wife, in 2010 we established 'Pensionstal De Groene Heerd' - a livery stable.
My wife (Mickey Groeneweg) is the driving force behind this, and I assist her where possible.


For a few years I have been working together with Jan Peter Mulder in his photography business called MulderFotografie. Occasionally I still assist him in my free time.


Follow me!

Follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn to hear what I'm up to.

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