Stevie G Live at Bourbon Street Amsterdam

Tonight I went to Bourbon Street in Amsterdam. It’s a blues cafe in Amsterdam that has live music every night of the week. Now that I’m in Amsterdam a lot, and I heard that my friends of Wilson Legacy¬†will be playing there next Sunday, I decided to take a look.

Much to my surprise, I saw Steven de Geus playing there. He performs under the name ‘Stevie G’, and I (and I’m sure many, many Dutch people along with me) know him from the TV show ‘The Voice of Holland’ where he made a big impression. In the battle round he lost of the -still favourite for the finals- Mitchell Brunings.

It was a great performance. Stevie is a real entertainer with his own sound and obviously has a lot of fun on stage!

Hooverdog Iwan

I love to go walking with my dog. Now that I’m away from home a lot, real walks are limited to my weekends. This morning Iwan and I had a lot of fun. And he knows I like to photograph him running towards me, as you can see in the picture. Everyone would be scared being run over by that 52 kilogram heavy bulldozer, but I know he wouldn’t even think about it for a second. Each and every time just centimeters in front of me he dives away, turns around and gets his big hug reward.

I love this dog.

Hooverdog Iwan
Hooverdog Iwan