Jouke VisserSoftware Development

When I was a teenager, the school I went to did not have any computers. My first encounter with a computer, aged 16, was by a friend who owned a Commodore 64. He explained to me that it was possible to write your own programs for it. He lent me his Basic manual, and a week later I went to his house to type in the program I had jotted down on a piece of paper. It was just a few lines of code that could tell me the average speed in kilometers per hour given a certain distance in meters and the elapsed time. I was excited to see it working rightaway.

Eventually I went to the Hanze Polytechnic and studied Business Informatics, combined with the more technical Computer Science at the State Polytechnic. Because of this combination I’ve always been able to understand the business drivers of any project, as well as the low level technical details of anything going on in a system. I graduated in 1993.

In 1998 I thought I had learned enough to start my own company and started building websites for clients. I used Perl for the backend. Apparently I had a talent for this great language, as after just a short while, I just rolled from one Perl assignment to another.

In 2001 I created an Open Source project called “pVoice”, which allowed people with severe physical disabilities who also cannot speak, to select symbols on the screen, thereby forming sentences and allowing them to have the computer “speak” for them using a Speech Synthesis system. It was used by tens of thousands of people all over the world.

I have also been a regular speaker at Open Source Conferences and workshops like YAPC::Europe (Yet Another Perl Conference Europe) in Amsterdam, Munich and Paris, O’Reilly Open Source Convention (Portland, OR), German Perl Workshops and Amsterdam Perl Mongers meetings.

In 2014 I made a switch to using the so called MEAN stack, which implies the use of MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and NodeJS. It’s great to see how JavaScript has evolved since I first built a JavaScript application back in 1998.

Recently I’ve started building hybrid mobile apps using the Ionic Framework, based on Cordova and AngularJS.


I’ve always been interested in photography. As a kid I owned a Yashica rangefinder-type (something like this). At the same time I was kind of jealous of my dad, who owned a Pentax ME with lenses and large flashes. When I graduated from highschool (HAVO), my parents gave me a Pentax P30n. I was delighted.

I became quite serious. Eventually I even had my own darkroom (in the bath room, of course), and I tried to master the art of printing Black and White prints. Looking back now, I never even got close to ‘mastering’ that art.

Then there was a period of time when getting married, raising children and building up a carreer in IT drew me away from photography, but in 2002 I took my first steps back by buying a Nikon Coolpix 990 (the swivel model). I was all excited when I first bought a Digital SLR. A Nikon D40. It was an experiment on myself. Would I really get interested in ‘real’ photography again?

Apparently I did. The next camera was a Nikon D700, and then a D800. I now own a nice set of professional grade Nikon lenses and flashes. In 2012 I joined my good friend Jan Peter Mulder in his Photography business “MulderFotografie”, and worked as a professional photographer for a while.

There, I specialise in Entertainment photography and Corporate photography. My style can best be described as photo journalism. I aspire to become a documentary photographer one day. My photos are supposed to speak for themselves. I want to create photographs that tell a story by themselves.

I’m a sucker for great Black and White photos. I try to shoot in B&W whenever I can.